"Stoyan Zaimov" Secondary School - Pleven joined the family of Google reference schools

"Stoyan Zaimov" Secondary School - Pleven is the first school in Pleven District to receive the status of "Google Reference School".

"Our goal is for all students to have access to technological resources in their lessons and to use them so that students can become confident and responsible users of modern technology, promoting communication, independence, sustainability, cooperation and progress."

Gergana Avramova, Director of Secondary School "Hristo Gruev Danov", Plovdiv

With the new four schools, the total number of Google reference schools in Bulgaria is now 16.

Here is what distinguished the four schools:

"Stoyan Zaimov" Secondary School - Pleven has been working with Google's tools for education since 2020 and has more than 10 trained teachers in Google Certified Educator programs. It has 150 Chromebooks and teaches 1 class on a 1: 1 model (device for each student). The three main achievements of the school during the digital leap are:

- Building a school community - between teachers, students, parents.

- Change in the way of learning - from passive listeners, students become active creators of answers, products. In some cases - the realization of the inverted classroom. Change in the planning and implementation of lessons by teachers.

- Achieved domain independence, unlike the use of national platforms by other schools.

7 Panayot Hitov Primary School in Sliven is part of the schools working with Google Workspace for Education since June 2019. 8 out of 15 teachers in the school are certified trainers in Google programs, and 47 Chromebooks are provided for students and teachers devices, some of which serve for the class in 6th grade, taught on a 1: 1 model. For the school, Google's tools have served to implement a new approach to teaching that meets the individual needs of each student and allows freedom of creative expression while developing technological skills.

"Chernorizets Hrabar" Secondary School in Plovdiv has been using Google Workspace for Education since 2019. The school has a total of 40 certified teachers in Google Certified Educator level 1 and level 2, 200 Chromebooks and 10 classes taught in model 1: 1. The school points out three main achievements:

- Learning anywhere and anytime regardless of circumstances and circumstances;

- Feedback and improved communication with parents;

- The student is in an active role and opportunity to create content.

"Hristo Gruev Danov" Secondary School in Plovdiv has been using Google's digital tools for more than 3 years. 15 teachers from the team are certified trainers, and 3 classes are trained on a 1: 1 model using 137 Chromebook devices for teachers and students. The school describes significant improvements in administrative processes and classes - reduced paperwork; a sustainable channel for communication between teachers, students and parents; conducting important meetings from each location; more space for students to perform in the classroom.

The Google Reference Schools Program is organized by Google to give worldwide recognition to schools that are making technological progress and quality educational transformation. They implement Google tools in the classroom as a means of creative development of students and development of quality skills.

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